Грузинский ресторан Kinza в Кастельдефельсе

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The history of the birth of the Georgian restaurant Kinza interests many of our clients.

''Kinza'' is always fun, delicious food and the best atmosphere. In the city of Castelldefels we wanted to make a corner where people could feel comfortable, so we made this restaurant even more cozy.

Also, an interesting fact, the name "Kinza" coincides with the name of the Georgian seasoning. ''Coriander'' is a very popular and widely used herb in Georgian cuisine.

The main philosophy of Kinza is to convey the hospitality of Georgia through food, traditions, dances and toasts.

Our mission is healthy and authentic food. We care for and love our guests, which is why we always select the best and freshest products. Many of our products are grown on farms. We also bring many spices, honey, yeast, wines and much more directly from Georgia. So you can taste delicious Georgian food without leaving Castelldefels.

We are waiting for you in our world of friendship, fun and hospitality!

Georgian restaurant in Castelldefels
Georgian restaurant Kinza in Castelldefels
Kinza Khinkali restaurant
Saperavi Georgian wine in Castellfedels
Georgian food in Castelldefels
Kinza khachapuri from Georgia
Kinza Georgian restaurant in Castelldefels
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